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Tháng Năm 5, 2015


omorrow´s leaders will – more than ever before – live, work, and compete in a highly fluid, disruptive, and sensitive world. To succeed and to live a fulfilled professional and personal life, this breed of leaders possess very unique skills, characteristics, and values – 7 distinctive qualities!

Quality 1 – Inspire!

Tomorrow´s top leaders truly think bold and big. They challenge themselves and their teams to live their dreams. They trust in their skills and capabilities, search for the big picture, and enjoy looking beyond it. They think, feel, behave, and act positively. They surround themselves with like-minded believers, positive shapers, and creative makers. They have understood that you are what you eat, i.e. you are affected by the company you keep.

The 7 Qualities of Tomorrow´s Top Leaders(1)

They use the power of questioning (e.g. tons of Why and Why Not questions) to overcome fear of failure, bringing more alteration to their lives, and helping to uncover what one really wants to do with their life to assist in triggering improvements and innovations.

Although these leaders also analyze mistakes and failures of the past, they are much more focused on developing future visions by thinking outside of the box. And afterwards, they spend a lot of time explaining their visions to their teams to get their buy-in and support.

Quality 2 – Lead & Execute!

Tomorrow´s top leaders avoid what quite often causes today´s experienced and successful business leaders to arrive at utterly wrong conclusions, since the latter lack comprehension of how to live by two of today’s most relevant business and leadership principles. First, they are not VUCA leaders. Second, they have not been able to grasp the concept of DyBoPe leadership. These are two crucial concepts for future leaders.

The 7 Qualities of Tomorrow´s Top Leaders(2)

They are both effective and efficient by aiming at doing the right things in the right way. They are not driven by short-term results, instead they are completely customer-centric following a long-term perspective. They strongly believe in the art of execution and know how hard and painful it can be to have things seamlessly implemented.

The outstanding leaders of the future master one of the ultimate balancing acts of superior leadership – they know how to lead with head and heart. Meaning they are respected for having both a strong results focus and social skills. Or, as Eleanor Roosevelt stated: “To handle yourself, use your head. To handle others, use your heart.”

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